Monday, November 1, 2010


OMG, Girls To The Front is over! Thanks SOOOOOO much to everyone who organized, volunteered, workshopped, played, and attended!  We were super moved by peoples' excitement and dedication this year, even in the face of mucho last-minute craziness!

Look for us again next year, and in the meantime, please keep checking in with us to find out about upcoming Milwaukee events with rad feminist, queer and girl positive vibes.   If you have a sweet-ass event that you'd like posted, please contact us at:, and we'll show you some love.

In the meantime....the event we're going to chew your ear off about for November is as follows:

(601 E. Wright Street)
THE MISSOULA OBLONGATA presents their new play, Clamlump!

"The Missoula Oblongata is an experimental theatre company dedicated to creating and touring original work. All lights, sound, and sets are all homemade, transportable, and operated by the performers themselves. This allows them to perform in venues which are accessible—financially and geographically—to a larger population than the regional theatre system serves. They meet unlikely audiences in their neighborhoods, their parks, their favorite music venues, and their homes—and transform these spaces into temporary, anarchistic theaters."

Having seen this amazing theater troupe perform several of their plays myself, I can only assure you of the total and absolute magic that can be witnessed therein.  Really, do yourself a favor and GO, GO, GO! see them perform.  Your heart will be filled with gladness, and you will not see anything else like it anywhere.

For more info, go to:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sara Marcus on WUWM right now!

Check it out at WUWM 89.7 FM or online at WUWM


Good morning fresh peeps!

It is 8 am, and I've already been awake for over an hour thanks to an overzealous 9-month-old who likes to rise with the demon sun.

All the better to finish with the planning for your beautiful weekend!

Help us kick this shit off tonight at 6:30pm at the Cream City Collectives, where we are simply dizzy with pride to present SARAH MARCUS, acclaimed author of GIRLS TO THE FRONT: THE TRUE STORY OF THE RIOT GIRL REVOLUTION.  Sarah will be reading from the book, which is hot off the goddamned presses from Harper Perennial, followed by a discussion, and a little RIOT GRRRL KARAOKE!

After the CCC, join us at the YNOT III for some amazing BANDS!  SOOK, THE OVENS, & THE CATHY SANTONIES, followed by a white-hot feminista dance party with TELEVORE.

Curious about the nuts and bolts?  A complete, 100% updated schedule and a map if the venues is now available right here on this website.  See the menu above.

See you there?



your GTTF blogmistress- Lauryl Sulfate

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of Press!

Hey, awesomes!
Just wanted to take a second to let everyone know that Girls to the Front is getting some amazing love from the community this week in the form of interviews!  Check us out in the Shepherd Express this week, on in the near future, AAAAND (omigod, I'm so stoked about this) TOMORROW AT 2PM ON WMSE (91.7FM) to hear Lauryl and Evelyn getting interviewed LIVE ON THE RADIO about Girls to the Front! 
I really hope I don't fuck up and swear a lot.
Peace out til tomorrow, homies- Lauryl

Monday, October 18, 2010


Felicitations friends!

Today is Monday, which means we are DOWN TO THE WIRE!!!, planning-wise, and incredibly awesomely, we still have folks asking if we have room for more rad events.  Hopefully, we will squeeze in just as much  amazing riot energy as we can!!

We still have plenty of room for volunteers, so if you're into it, now is the time to sign your ass UP!

For all those that are participating or would like to participate, we are having one GREAT BIG FINAL PLEASE-COME-IF-YOU-CAN-MAKE-IT MEETING!!!  The meeting will be on THURSDAY, at 6:30pm at THE PINK HOUSE STUDIO (on the corner of Booth and Wright Streets in Riverwest).  This is the last big meeting THE DAY BEFORE everything goes down, so we really want to get all of your fierce, lovely faces all in one place one time before the starter gun goes off so that we can all be fierce and lovely together in the most together-est way we can muster. 

Now is the time to show MKE (and, dare I say it, THE WORLD?!) what a bunch of dedicated positive thinking go-getters like us can accomplish with no time, no budget and a whole lot of heart.

So, what's up Milwaukee?  Let DO this shit.

See you there!

Yours in solidarity- Lauryl

(*All caps.  Just my little way of saying "HELL YES!")

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ask A Feminist Conversation Booth: What the eff is it, and how the eff do I get in on it?

The feminist is IN!  Remember Lucy in the Peanuts?  Same basic concept, only we're a lot nicer than Lucy was, and we don't charge a quarter.

We will be setting up the Ask A Feminist booth outside various event locations (and maybe even some other locations...more on that later) as a way of inviting people from the larger Milwaukee community to meet Real, Live Feminists of all kinds.  Our goal in this is to engage in real and positive conversations with many different people, both those that are already engaged in feminist dialogue, and those that may be unfamiliar to progressive ideas about gender. 

We're doing this because we believe that a lot of confusion and antipathy towards feminists and feminism is caused by a lack of knowledge about what feminism is and the myriad meanings it can have to those of us who identify as feminists.  Our goal is not to attack or to argue, but to create friendly, respectful discussions.

If you're interested in settin' in the booth for an hour or two, please sign up on our volunteer form, and indicate that you'd like to work at the Ask a Feminist booth.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yup, babies.  You read that right.  We are having two meetings this week!  Not that we expect everyone to  show up at two meetings in one week; we're just so close to the finish line, we thought we'd give people twice as many chances to make one or the other.  So, pick your poison:


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th 6:30pm
@ 2817 N. FRATNEY #2...this is a lower back apt. unit.  Yes, we are having it at one of our houses.  Yes, there will be snacks!  And yes, there will be cat and dog hair on stuff, so let us know if you're crazy allergic.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14th 6:30pm   ...This one will be at either the above location or at Fuel Cafe.  I will post it correctly as soon as I know.  (In the meantime, though, you can write it into your calendar app on your iPhone if you're fancy like that, or on the back of your hand with a Sharpie, if you're sloppy like that.  I tend towards sloppy myself.)

That is all, lovelies.

posted by Lauryl

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey ladies and other lovelies!  Sorry I'm late on my game about this one, but YES!  WE will meet tomorrow night (THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7th!) at 6:30pm at Outpost on Capitol in their sweet community room.  Hope some peeps can make it despite the late notice.

ALSO: Here are our meeting notes from last week, compiled as always by the incredible Ms. JV. <3!

In Attendance: Alden, Erin, Monica, Lindsay, Sarah, Brandy, Julie
New to the group: Lyndzi Miller

Lydzi Miller came to talk about hosting a workshop on feminism and re-defining relationships as well as a naughty needles workshop. Slated most likely for Sunday.

Workshop Reports courtesy of Erin (and her notecards):
-Project M - looks like they want to do an up-cycling workshop
-A/V Workshop - talk is out on doing an A/V workshop, possibly Alden, but with help from Kat?
-Bike Fixing Workshop - Pedal Pushers
-Screen Printing Workshop - Julie will contact Heather at CCC to see if that can be done on Saturday
-Superhero dress up photo booth - Evelyn’s dig. Maybe a daytime event, what were you thinking Evelyn?
-Ask a Feminist Booth - We are asking Sarah Buccheri, and Celeste HoboSapien to build a booth for us, Celeste was emailed during our meeting. Erin mentioned that the RW Co-Op has hoards of cardboard to use for materials. Should be light and portable.

Things going on at Jackpot:
Sarah confirmed we can use Jackpot for an art show. We’re thinking of featuring work by Makeal Flamini, Monica Stone, and Amber Van Galder. Also, we are scheduling an open mic here for Saturday.

More on Music:
-Melissa Zarnek (I know I spelled her name wrong) - Monica will contact her about playing
-Riot Grrrl Cover Band Show - There is a bit of confusion as to whether the folks at CCC want this on Friday night or Saturday. Julie will contact Heather to confirm.
-Susan Million - Erin will talk with Susan to see what her schedule looks like in comparison to the one we made during the meeting. (I will put this at the bottom of the notes)
-Proposal for a late night (after shows at Y-not 3) party at Makeal’s space.

Money/Ticketing/Volunteering Talk:
Looks like we’re hoping to ticket for the singer/songwriters that are performing at Hotch a do and for the bands and DJ’s at y-not 3.

We talked about selling tickets for each show ($5?) or a wrist band for access to a couple of shows in the same night. ($10)

It looks like there is a donation paypal account on the main page of the website that Lindsay is managing for us. Also, she listed a link to the volunteer form that Alden made. Hooray!!

We have a....drumroll......$100 donation from __________(Brandy!!! I forgot who this is from, I’m a dope...) Please edit this if you remember who it is from, it’s important and I’m sorry for the blank mind.

Because we’re hoping that a bunch of folks will help out, we want to reward them with a ticket to a main show. Other volunteers who commit to more than a bit of work will have larger access to the events. We want people to be involved!

Alex C is volunteer co-ordinatrix! Contact her ( if you need volunteers. Alex, you’re awesome!! -julie

Here is what we sketched out for a schedule so far:

6:30pm-8pm Sarah Marcus at the Pink House

8:30-10pm Singer/Songwriter @ Hotch-a-do

10pm-Midnight Bands at Y-Not 3

12-2am DJ’s Y-Not 3

? 8? Singer/Songwriter/open-mic at Jackpot Gallery

? Cover Bands at CCC

11pm - Le Tigre Show (bike ride from RW to the theatre by Pedal Pushers)
10:30 - Raw Food Workshop CCC

11:30 - Potluck CCC

? Naughty Needles and Relationship Workshop

10pm -  Miltown Kings at Stonefly

Sunday, October 3, 2010

VOLUNTEER for Girls to the Front! Win Fabulous Prizes! Live Longer! Get Shinier Hair!

Howdy Riot Ladies, Riot Gents and Riot In Betweens, Neithers and Boths!

We now have a fancy VOLUNTEER form on our website! If you would like to donate a little of yer time to help us make this party go off without a hitch, then please, please with-sugar-on-top, consider hopping on over and filling it out!

There are lots of sweet gigs you can hook yourself up with.  For instance, maybe you'd like to take a turn in our Ask A Feminist Booth?
Volunteers will get a thank-you voucher to attend one of our band events for free!*

* (All of the workshops and stuff are already free, but we need to pay the bands at least a little something, so we are charging for the band shows. Don't hate us. We don't like money either, but we're told that that's what folks around here use to buy gas and food.)


Dang! I did it.

ALSO!  We are still looking for workshoppers, bands, poets, artists, and etceteras to fill up our little lovefest and make it special.  So please, do not hesitate to direct our attentions to you and your awesome stuff that you do.  Email us at:  We will promptly and courteously reply, I promise.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey all you cool cats and crazy chicks, here's the haps for this week, like:

@ OUTPOST NATURAL FOODS (100 E. Capitol Drive), in the community room


Come on over and eat some awesome hippie food and drink a wheatgrass smoothie or whatevs and talk about feminist shit.  It'll be so awesome.

xo-The GTTF Crew

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meeting Notes from 9-21

Here again for your edification and delectation are Julie's beautiful notes from the last Girls to the Front planning sesh.  Before I present them, i am sending out a heads-up that the next meet-up will be this week THURSDAY!!  instead of Tuesday.   We don't have a location set up yet, but I'll post it as soon as I am able.

This is because a lot of peeps have run into me or emailed me or Facebooked me to say that they are interested in helping out, but cannot make Tuesdays.  Also, a bunch of the regular Tuesday folks have said they can't do Tuesday this week.  (Maybe that's just cuz they're exhausted from going to meetings every week, and that's okay, too.)

Groovy.  Onto the notes...


Sorry, this took a bit longer to create than I had planned so it’s a bit late. :) I love you guys, great work on Tuesday!

In Attendance: Lindsay, Julie, Brandy, Monica, Heather, Alex, Milo, Felicia, Erin, Alden, Alex, Susan
New to the group are Alex and Heather. They came to talk about a Riot Grrl Cover Band         night at the CCC.

DJ’s Set:
It sounds like we’re going to do a DJ set after the show at the YNOT 3 on Friday night. Included will be Brandy, Alex (I didn’t know if confirmed), and a possible DJ from Madison that Milo knows

Pink House:
It sounds like they are willing to let us use the space pretty liberally for the weekend as long as we have plans to let them know logistics. Am i right on this?

Confirmed Space and Confirmed Event:
CCC for Saturday night Riot Grrl Cover Band show perhaps along the lines of “Ghosts of Riot Grrls Past.” Heather mentioned being a part of something like this in Philadelphia and it was a great time. She mentioned that they have 2 bands that are willing to play but were looking for a few more. Also, a thought... BYO talent and play with instruments at the show. Get the word out! Heather also mentioned the possibility of asking bands (already confirmed with their own music?) to learn a song or two and play them. A cool challenge for a band!
Contact for the Riot Grrl Cover Band night is Heather: email: or Phone: 215.239.1001

Susan Million:
Thank you. Thank you .Thank you for your hard work this past week. And! Bringing us some visuals and more information on what you were thinking for the acts. It sounds like Susan has some really diverse and varied acts on deck. Here are the ones listed in the packet and on what night she was thinking:

The Cathy Santonies- Friday night - Band from Chicago
Heidi Barton Stink - Friday night - Trans-Radical-Queer M.C from Minneapolis
The Barettes - Either Friday or Saturday - Band from MKE
The Addy Janes - Saturday Night - two piece band from MKE
The Locals - Saturday Night - Band from Chicago
The Ovens - Saturday Night - Band from Chicago
Julie Schurr - Saturday Night - Acoustic singer/songwriter from St. Louis
Hana Malhas - Saturday Night - “border less indie folk from an arab american” from Michigan
Brianna Lane - Saturday Night - singer/songwriter from Minneapolis
Julie Loyd - Saturday Night - “Wiggly indie-folk” from Chicago
    Julie is also interested in doing a workshop
Best Friends Forever - Option! - Band from Minneapolis

-Plug them in where you see fit on the schedule on the wikipage.

A conversation with Felicia on her vegan/raw workshop event:
-would prefer a space with running water and electricity but is not needed, we talked about using the CCC as they have hosted Pancake Breakfasts in the past in the space.
-is concerned about getting the groceries for the event. They cost money and would like to know, if she’s going to use fresh (not donated), that she will be reimbursed for the expense.
-talk of food donations came from Lindsay, both Alex’s, Mary Catherine -from O-post.
-She will create a sort of menu and number of people and will get back to us with more info.
-do we coordinate her workshop with the pot-luck or not?

Space and Planned Events:
YNOT 3 - Friday night Bands and DJ sets
Hotch A Do - Is this confirmed show space or do we need to still talk to them and if so, is it for Friday or Saturday?
CCC - Riot Grrl Cover Band Show on Saturday Night and craft/media/cooking workshop space on Saturday
Stonefly - Sunday night Miltown Kings drag show at 8
Pink House - Reading on Friday night and then workshops on Saturday afternoon
Quaker House - We have decided not to use the space based on funding ($100 for 3 or 4 hours and then a $150 deposit)

Funds, Marketing, and Planning:
-do we create a pay pal acct or use one from a member of the planning committee to use as a fund raising tool? Lindsay volunteered but questions whether it’s ok with everyone.
-Milo created two versions of the poster to show us, thank you! They look fantastic!
-we took pics with the chucks for more marketing
-what are costs? This is a huge question that is still unanswered
-we think it reasonable to pay for a workshop if you are using resources
-an organization or sponsor? - next year is more feasible
-tips at workshop that could be used as a fund for next year?
-non-profit status?
-as a way to circumvent the process of non-profit status a suggestion was made that we funnel funds through A Broader Vocabulary b/c of their status and ability to accept funding and donations - if we do this, who do we approach? Evelyn?
- Who do we approach then for funding
    Brandy mentioned three orgs or businesses: Cream City Foundation, Wisconsin Gazette, and Lesbian Alliance
-More marketing ideas
    -Radio Milwaukee
    -MSE - Will throw some promotion/press our way. (Evelyn & Lindsay are doing an interview the week of the 19th.)
    - Press Releases! Lindsay and Brandy have made this.  Brandy will be listed as promotions contact person.
    -Riverwest Currents - Erin has us on the monthly events calendar.  Nice.

A Proposal from the Secretary (ha!)
In an effort to streamline this planing process - b/c we have less than one month -
I propose committees with their own deadlines that will oversee these various facets of the and print, music, workshops, space, communication...? How do we feel about this?) Here is a link to where I posted a rough outline of what that might look like. PLEASE let me know what you think and if this is too much for us and we don’t want that bureaucracy or if it helps, or what your concerns are with this proposal.

Monday, September 20, 2010


We liked hangin' at the YNOT 3 sooo much last week that we've decided to do it again.  They were really nice and gave us use of their spacious upstairs space, which was like being in a really cozy lodge in Northern Wisconsin somewheres.  Also, there was beer.  And Newman-O's.  That is because I am a lady of honour, and I keep my word.

If you'd care to join us for beer and conversation in a cozy loft, then come on over to the YNOT 3 (which is located right behind Beans & Barley, just off the corner of Oakland and North Avenues) on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st @ 6:30pm!

I will endeavor to bring something tasty once again, because I firmly believe in the healing power of snacks.

Foote-Note:  We seem to have developed into a rhythm of Tuesday evening meetings, and I think that we will probably end up keeping this schedule.  BUT!  I know that there are some wonderful folks out there who want to be involved who can't make Tuesdays work for them.  If you are one of those people, please email usWe want you involved (!), and we are willing to set up smaller meet-ups on other days for those who want them.  Plus, as we move further along, we may have people meeting on additional days to work out details for specific functions (eg; we just had a design meeting on Sunday for those of us who are creating the promotional materials.)  If there is a specific thing you'd like to help with, tell us that too, and we'll try to get you in the swim.  LOVE!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meeting Notes from 9-14


In Attendance:
Brandy, Lindsay, Kathy, Susan, Julie, Chris, Milo, Mary Catherine, Sarah, Alex, Isabella, Elisa, Alden, Monica, Erin

We met at the Y-Not 3.

Space Updates:

Y-Not 3 - Confirmed space for bands. The have been gracious enough to offer space for bands to play. They offered the space free of charge. Thank you again to the Y-Not and Brandy for spearheading this campaign. Nick is the contact.
Mention was made of the following concerning this space:
- use the space for a band however more speakers will need to be brought in.
-buy a keg and charge for cups - mention was made that if we go this route it must be legit and planned
-have someone collect money at the door for the event
-all ages shows are an option
-not accessible by wheelchair - Lindsay mentioned asking a friend of hers for input on this issue

Stonefly - Lindsay has a call out to them but no news

Jackpot Gallery - possible use would be to show local artwork, mention was made to having a 2 or 3 artists that would commit to showing work instead of an open call. We haven’t heard from them yet either however Mary Catherine offered to call Martha to see about space.

Milwaukee Public Market
The Quaker Meeting House - for their culinary possibilities.
-Felicia Wild is interested in doing a culinary demo. Vegan in nature, preferably in a main event spot for workshops. She has committed to doing the event. She is requesting some financial help to offset the cost of the groceries.
-Mention was made in planning about a possible Sunday AM dance party (family friendly) and maybe a potluck

Makeal’s space on 5th and National - large space she is offering for use, a band space?
-is this too far away?
-mention was made that it would be nice to get her/her work in on the festival and this would be a way to do it
-space is available Oct. 1st
-founding member of the Parachute Project

Art Bar - Band space in Riverwest. No contact has been made but I think Susan mentioned this as an option.

Hotch-a-do - Cafe and Restaurant on the East Side mentioned for band space by Susan. She has worked with them in the past.
-They have equipment and usually will feed artists who perform there

Boswell Books - Mary Catherine contacted them and it looks like they are booked for another event on Friday night so we’re still looking for a place to host the main book event.

Tool Shed - no, they are booked that weekend.

Local Gymnasium or public street/parking lot - Brew City Bruisers Event ...exhibition match

We continue to throw our net wide as far as space goes. Discussion ensued about keeping the events centrally located in Riverwest and East Side. No decisions were made about ruling out farther away venues. The goal: to make transportation from event to event without a car feasible.

List of Confirmed spaces:
Pink House, Cream City Collectives, Y-Not 3

Other Announcements and Topics of Discussion:

Our collective assets: This is what I jotted down when people were going around the room talking about why they’re involved and how they see themselves helping with the event.

Susan - new to the group and a veteran to the Milwaukee women’s music scene. She has been organizing and hosting mainly female singer-songwriters in her house, then in a local cafe. Many contacts with musicians and venues in town. Interested in helping facilitate the organizing of music events in some capacity.

Erin - mentioned a background in communication and a desire to help in the planning/logistics side of the schedule and workshop lists. She has set up our wikigroups page and we should utilize it. Here is a link to the wikispaces page. You will need to join and then request admittance into the group. I know Lindsay and Erin mentioned the login and password (yes, for the second time I missed it....sorry ladies) so you can administer changes like accepting requests to join the group, you have to use the one they said. So! Use it! Thanks again Erin for setting this up for us.
P.S- I just looked (and you should too!) and she has set up a fantastic working schedule page complete with optional times and dates and places. Wahooo!!! Go Erin! Here is the link.

Mary Catherine - Interested in doing a “Play in...a pinch” event with Julie. She has offered contacting the Brew City Bruisers for an event.

Milo - Contacted Makeshift (sp?) a Madison based magazine to be part of the zine showcase event. Milo has also lead some really good conversations concerning publicity/design/print/logo....etc. Lindsay, Rachel, and Alex were other folks mentioned/spoke to the importance of these items.

Kathy - new to the group. Film and Video experience. Interested in helping out. (Sorry Kathy, I may have missed a few things, so edit as you see fit.)

Ongoing Topics:

Publicity and Advertising:
This isn’t my strong suit when it comes to communicating/listing these topics, so please edit where you see fit.
-Lindsay mentioned that Rachel Alves (and Alex?) would be interested in helping out with a logo, she is willing to help with/collaborate.
-Milo is interested in print, how many prints/posters. What is the visual grounding for the event? He is thinking around 50 posters and 500 color prints (is this right...see it’s not my strong suit.)
-Sarah threw out the idea of making a screen and then getting goodwill-like t-shirts and printing on them.
-Do we want merchandise? Pins and Buttons were mentioned.
-Also, how will this be paid for?
    -donation box on the blog?

“Ask a Feminist Booth”  (Think Lucy from the Peanuts!  "The Feminist is: IN")
- a mobile “booth” featuring anyone interested in “staffing” it for the event. Schedule Shifts? Open it up to festival goers?
-design similar to the charlie brown booth?  (Think Lucy from the Peanuts!  "The Feminist is: IN")- M. Catherine & Lindsay

How can we cross-market with the LGBT Film Festival -
-Bike ride event featuring the Pedal Pushers. From undecided GTTF event to the 11pm show “Le Tigre On Tour” on Saturday at UWM Union Theatre.
-There is also a 3pm show at UWM Union Theatre called “Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance.” Can we arrange an event around that?

How do we create funding and/or charge for shows and events? These ideas were put out:
-pay for just the event you’re going to
-pay sliding scale for event
-volunteer opportunities in exchange for admission to events

Audio/ Visual Needs - it looks like we have Alden on board to help out, he may be able to get folks to help him out that already know A/V. We will need to set up simultaneous events and will need more than Alden. Alex is willing to help out Alden where needed.
-mention was made to maybe having an event to address the lack of AV knowledge (skills share event?) Is anyone interested in doing this or know anyone else who might be able to help out in this area?

A Central Meeting Space or Bulletin Board for Announcements and Changes
-I see that Erin put down the Pink House on the schedule

DIY Tatoo Workshop
-Mikaela or Gigi? Lindsay mentioned making contact with them.

UWM Dance Party
-can we contact the UWM Women’s and LGBT Center or any other group and see if they would pair with us for an event like this?

Riverwest Film and Video
-Ask if Xav would be interested in displaying films by local women during the festival?
-Sadie Benning was mentioned
-Tall Lady Pictures was mentioned
-Lindsay is adding these local women film/video artists after the fact:  Chaza Show Choir by Theresa Columbus, Kimberly Miller, Sarah Buccheri

Community Meal(s)
-feed the bands (at least!)
-an opportunity to share/volunteer by bringing a dish
-space? Quaker Meeting House was mentioned as a possibility and also Riverwest Co-op

Guest Book
-so we can get contacts for future events

Next Meeting
Scheduled for 6:30pm on 9/21. Location TBA.

***UPDATE FROM EVELYN, posted by Lauryl:   Looks like we are a go to use Stonefly for a Sunday evening event with the Miltown Kings.  This show would have to be 21+, though, both due to the space and to the burlesque.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Next Meeting!

Is set for Tuesday, September 14th at 6:30pm.  We're still trying to pin down a location, but we will post it here as soon as we know.  In the meantime, we wanted to give all y'all a chance to clear your busy schedules so's ye kin stop by and say "Howdy" to us all.

Love, rockets, and other sources of combustion- GTTF


We've decided to meet up at the YNOT 3, right off North Ave. (behind Beans & Barley).   YNOT 3 is a bar, and I'm not sure if anyone under 21 is coming to the meeting, but the way I figure it, if we have folks who show up that can't get in, we can always hop across the street to Hotch-A-Do.   Cool?  Cool.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes from 8-7. Par-tay!

As promised, here are our minutes from the last meeting, as recorded by the lovely and talented JV:


Girls to the Front Planning Session
*Bear with me, I tried my best to record what I could, edit where you see fit/ if you remember something and I missed it.

Alex, Natasha, Lauryl, Isabella, Monica, Julie, Milo, Chris, Mary Catherine, Sarah, Aldin, Erin, Angie, Brandy

Items Discussed:

Friday the 22nd there will be an event involving guest writer Sarah Marcus and her new book about Riot Grrrl history.

Reasons for and goals for having the event:
One reason was that Sarah was touring with her book
Goals include bringing Milwaukee’s queer and feminist community together in one place at one time through the lens of Riot Grrl. There are pockets of people doing really creative things but this would be a chance to bring everyone together.

Main Sponsors:
-Broader Vocabulary

This is something of a larger discussion. With the little time we have, and with little resources, what are the best places for events to take place?
-Pink House - confirmed space
-Cream City Collectives - confirmed space
-public spaces
-all over town or just in the Riverwest area?

-music (duh!) Whomever knows/wants to play can play
-kids space-mention was made to have allies and non-trad care takers give moms a chance to participate in events as they watch the kids
-art gallery, portraits
-healing space
-sexual violence workshop
-mention was made to what should and should not be a part of the events
-Do It Yourself Tattoos
-Miltown Kings Events
-Pedal Pusher event
-gaming/er workshop
-Welfare Warriors
-Riot Grrrl 101
-female spoken word
-zine making/showcase event
-faces of feminism ("Ask a Feminist" booth in public spaces)
-DJ event with Brandy?

Schedule and communication:
-google calender? Isabella?
-who has final say in booking and scheduling? - lauryl and evelyn are more technical backbone so if you’re interested in organizing an event, talk to them for logistics
-Julie - I will volunteer to continue the minute making/recording process as well as facilitating communications just let me know what ideas you have
-Next meeting will be on Tuesday Sept 14th. at 6:30pm as was tonight’s meeting. 

Lauryl's Update:

-Isabella contacted the Pink House (corner of Booth & Wright in Riverwest) for a potential meeting space, but they are booked on Tuesday nights.  Can anyone think of another good space?  OR, should we reschedule meeting for Thursday, when Pink House will be available?  What says the gallery?  Comments, please!