Monday, November 1, 2010


OMG, Girls To The Front is over! Thanks SOOOOOO much to everyone who organized, volunteered, workshopped, played, and attended!  We were super moved by peoples' excitement and dedication this year, even in the face of mucho last-minute craziness!

Look for us again next year, and in the meantime, please keep checking in with us to find out about upcoming Milwaukee events with rad feminist, queer and girl positive vibes.   If you have a sweet-ass event that you'd like posted, please contact us at:, and we'll show you some love.

In the meantime....the event we're going to chew your ear off about for November is as follows:

(601 E. Wright Street)
THE MISSOULA OBLONGATA presents their new play, Clamlump!

"The Missoula Oblongata is an experimental theatre company dedicated to creating and touring original work. All lights, sound, and sets are all homemade, transportable, and operated by the performers themselves. This allows them to perform in venues which are accessible—financially and geographically—to a larger population than the regional theatre system serves. They meet unlikely audiences in their neighborhoods, their parks, their favorite music venues, and their homes—and transform these spaces into temporary, anarchistic theaters."

Having seen this amazing theater troupe perform several of their plays myself, I can only assure you of the total and absolute magic that can be witnessed therein.  Really, do yourself a favor and GO, GO, GO! see them perform.  Your heart will be filled with gladness, and you will not see anything else like it anywhere.

For more info, go to: