Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ask A Feminist Conversation Booth: What the eff is it, and how the eff do I get in on it?

The feminist is IN!  Remember Lucy in the Peanuts?  Same basic concept, only we're a lot nicer than Lucy was, and we don't charge a quarter.

We will be setting up the Ask A Feminist booth outside various event locations (and maybe even some other locations...more on that later) as a way of inviting people from the larger Milwaukee community to meet Real, Live Feminists of all kinds.  Our goal in this is to engage in real and positive conversations with many different people, both those that are already engaged in feminist dialogue, and those that may be unfamiliar to progressive ideas about gender. 

We're doing this because we believe that a lot of confusion and antipathy towards feminists and feminism is caused by a lack of knowledge about what feminism is and the myriad meanings it can have to those of us who identify as feminists.  Our goal is not to attack or to argue, but to create friendly, respectful discussions.

If you're interested in settin' in the booth for an hour or two, please sign up on our volunteer form, and indicate that you'd like to work at the Ask a Feminist booth.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yup, babies.  You read that right.  We are having two meetings this week!  Not that we expect everyone to  show up at two meetings in one week; we're just so close to the finish line, we thought we'd give people twice as many chances to make one or the other.  So, pick your poison:


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th 6:30pm
@ 2817 N. FRATNEY #2...this is a lower back apt. unit.  Yes, we are having it at one of our houses.  Yes, there will be snacks!  And yes, there will be cat and dog hair on stuff, so let us know if you're crazy allergic.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14th 6:30pm   ...This one will be at either the above location or at Fuel Cafe.  I will post it correctly as soon as I know.  (In the meantime, though, you can write it into your calendar app on your iPhone if you're fancy like that, or on the back of your hand with a Sharpie, if you're sloppy like that.  I tend towards sloppy myself.)

That is all, lovelies.

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