Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hey ladies and other lovelies!  Sorry I'm late on my game about this one, but YES!  WE will meet tomorrow night (THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7th!) at 6:30pm at Outpost on Capitol in their sweet community room.  Hope some peeps can make it despite the late notice.

ALSO: Here are our meeting notes from last week, compiled as always by the incredible Ms. JV. <3!

In Attendance: Alden, Erin, Monica, Lindsay, Sarah, Brandy, Julie
New to the group: Lyndzi Miller

Lydzi Miller came to talk about hosting a workshop on feminism and re-defining relationships as well as a naughty needles workshop. Slated most likely for Sunday.

Workshop Reports courtesy of Erin (and her notecards):
-Project M - looks like they want to do an up-cycling workshop
-A/V Workshop - talk is out on doing an A/V workshop, possibly Alden, but with help from Kat?
-Bike Fixing Workshop - Pedal Pushers
-Screen Printing Workshop - Julie will contact Heather at CCC to see if that can be done on Saturday
-Superhero dress up photo booth - Evelyn’s dig. Maybe a daytime event, what were you thinking Evelyn?
-Ask a Feminist Booth - We are asking Sarah Buccheri, and Celeste HoboSapien to build a booth for us, Celeste was emailed during our meeting. Erin mentioned that the RW Co-Op has hoards of cardboard to use for materials. Should be light and portable.

Things going on at Jackpot:
Sarah confirmed we can use Jackpot for an art show. We’re thinking of featuring work by Makeal Flamini, Monica Stone, and Amber Van Galder. Also, we are scheduling an open mic here for Saturday.

More on Music:
-Melissa Zarnek (I know I spelled her name wrong) - Monica will contact her about playing
-Riot Grrrl Cover Band Show - There is a bit of confusion as to whether the folks at CCC want this on Friday night or Saturday. Julie will contact Heather to confirm.
-Susan Million - Erin will talk with Susan to see what her schedule looks like in comparison to the one we made during the meeting. (I will put this at the bottom of the notes)
-Proposal for a late night (after shows at Y-not 3) party at Makeal’s space.

Money/Ticketing/Volunteering Talk:
Looks like we’re hoping to ticket for the singer/songwriters that are performing at Hotch a do and for the bands and DJ’s at y-not 3.

We talked about selling tickets for each show ($5?) or a wrist band for access to a couple of shows in the same night. ($10)

It looks like there is a donation paypal account on the main page of the website that Lindsay is managing for us. Also, she listed a link to the volunteer form that Alden made. Hooray!!

We have a....drumroll......$100 donation from __________(Brandy!!! I forgot who this is from, I’m a dope...) Please edit this if you remember who it is from, it’s important and I’m sorry for the blank mind.

Because we’re hoping that a bunch of folks will help out, we want to reward them with a ticket to a main show. Other volunteers who commit to more than a bit of work will have larger access to the events. We want people to be involved!

Alex C is volunteer co-ordinatrix! Contact her ( if you need volunteers. Alex, you’re awesome!! -julie

Here is what we sketched out for a schedule so far:

6:30pm-8pm Sarah Marcus at the Pink House

8:30-10pm Singer/Songwriter @ Hotch-a-do

10pm-Midnight Bands at Y-Not 3

12-2am DJ’s Y-Not 3

? 8? Singer/Songwriter/open-mic at Jackpot Gallery

? Cover Bands at CCC

11pm - Le Tigre Show (bike ride from RW to the theatre by Pedal Pushers)
10:30 - Raw Food Workshop CCC

11:30 - Potluck CCC

? Naughty Needles and Relationship Workshop

10pm -  Miltown Kings at Stonefly

Sunday, October 3, 2010

VOLUNTEER for Girls to the Front! Win Fabulous Prizes! Live Longer! Get Shinier Hair!

Howdy Riot Ladies, Riot Gents and Riot In Betweens, Neithers and Boths!

We now have a fancy VOLUNTEER form on our website! If you would like to donate a little of yer time to help us make this party go off without a hitch, then please, please with-sugar-on-top, consider hopping on over and filling it out!

There are lots of sweet gigs you can hook yourself up with.  For instance, maybe you'd like to take a turn in our Ask A Feminist Booth?
Volunteers will get a thank-you voucher to attend one of our band events for free!*

* (All of the workshops and stuff are already free, but we need to pay the bands at least a little something, so we are charging for the band shows. Don't hate us. We don't like money either, but we're told that that's what folks around here use to buy gas and food.)


Dang! I did it.

ALSO!  We are still looking for workshoppers, bands, poets, artists, and etceteras to fill up our little lovefest and make it special.  So please, do not hesitate to direct our attentions to you and your awesome stuff that you do.  Email us at:  We will promptly and courteously reply, I promise.

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