Sarah Marcus
6:30pm (Cream City Collectives) $3 suggested donation
A reading and discussion with the author of the new book, Girls to the Front: the True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution.

Riot Grrrl Karaoke!
8:00pm (Cream City Collectives)
Directly after the reading by Sarah Marcus, experience the thrill of three rad riot grrrl fantasy bands and -YESSS!- riot grrrl karaoke.  So, get on up there, Kathleen, and yell like you got something to be pissed about.

10pm (YNOT 3) $7 suggested donation
A superhot band night featuring Sook, The Ovens and the Cathy Santonies, followed by a dance party with our own GTTF house dj, Televore.

Saturday, October 23rd
Back To The Front: How Riot Grrrl Zines Fostered Revolution and Built Alliances
11am-12pm (Cream City Collectives)
Chris Wilde of QZAP presents this exploration of 1990's Riot Grrrl zines and their connections to other zine communities.  He will also be bringing along a selection of classic and modern zines from the QZAP archives for the audience to read and enjoy!

Raising Radical Families Discussion and Action Group
2pm-3pm (Pink House)
What does it mean to be a mama (or a dada) in radical circles?  How do we, as a community, help to support families and encourage the next generation of strong, proud, empathetic, unafraid, unfettered kids ?   This is a discussion group with an eye towards taking positive actions to help support parents, children and families within radical communities.  Moderated by Lauryl Sulfate

QZAP, in partnership with UWM LGBT  Film/Video Festival presents:
Riot Acts:Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance
3pm @ UWM Union Theater   $9 general/$7 for students
A trans-fabulous documentary representing the multi-dimensional lives of transgender and gender variant musicians. Criss-crossing the country, Riot Acts spotlights Lipstick Conspiracy, Venus DeMars, The Degenerettes, The Cliks, Coyote Grace, and many more.

Girl's Herbs Workshop
4:30pm to 6pm

GIRLS TO THE FRONT! The Future of Feminist Organizing in Milwaukee
3pm to 4pm(Pink House Studio)
A discussion and workshop with an eye towards actively creating lasting positive queer and feminist space in Milwaukee. Moderated by members of A Broader Vocabulary Cooperative and organizers of The Girls to the Front Fest.

Mosh Boys Move to the Back: Exploring the Myths of Misandry
3pm to 4pm (Cream City Collectives)
During the 90s many riot grrrl bands were confronted with hostility by male audience members. The request for girls to come to the front of the stage was, in part, a direct reply to the men who took up space (discursively, in music, or with their bodies in the actual performance space). This workshop asks male/masculine-identified participants to work together through dialogue to articulate and explore the myths of misandry that obscure interlocking systems of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and transphobia. Please come prepared to work collaboratively through personal writing, attention to our group dynamics, and with the goal of putting our theorizing and reflection into action.

9pm (Hotch-A-Do) $7 suggested donation
Come see local and regional grrrls playing their hearts out for you, featuring Lyra Vega, hip-hop artist Melissa Czarnik, Hana Maltas, and Julie Loyd

 QZAP, in partnership with UWM LGBT  Film/Video Festival presents:
Le Tigre: On Tour 
11pm @ UWM Union Theater  $9 general/$7 for students
A gleeful blast of a video diary of the last tour of the seminal riot grrrl band and crucial – and so danceable – cultural force that is Le Tigre. Kerthy Fix’s documentary, which follows the band on their final tour in 2004, is itself savvy and smart, documenting, per Bitch magazine, what it means “to be feminist, to be artistic, to be queer, to be subject to the media monster that once commodified a movement as prolific and DIY-based as Riot Grrrl… and to do it all with awesome comedic vignettes.”

Sunday, October 24th

Play With Your Food!- Vegan Raw Food Workshop with Chef Felisha Wild
10:30am (Pink House)
Learn about raw foods in this yummy hands-on workshop with Chef Felisha Wild.  Then stay and eat what you just made at our...

Family Friendly Community Potluck & Sunday Morning Dance Party!
11:30am (Pink House)
A dance party both for those who can't get enough booty-shaking no matter what time of day, and for those whose bedtime is right around sunsetBring your riot babies!  Bring your riot grrrandmas!  Bring a dish to pass!  Bring your beautiful self!  This is a family-positive, community-happy, bread-breakin' dance party.

Super(s)hero Photo Booth!
11:30am (Pink House)
(This event is will be happening at the GTTF Community Potluck...)
Photographer Laura Gorzek will be on site at our Good Morning Dance Party with her amazing superhero photo booth!  Get your groove on and the get your portrait taken,  Hopefully you won't be too sweaty.

Redefining Relationships Workshop: Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, and Opening Up
2pm to 3pm (Pink House Studio)

Workshop: Upcycling Your Clothes with Project M
3pm to 4pm (Cream City Collectives)
Upcycle your threads with Project M! The ladies of M will show you how to take your old clothes and revamp them into something new by adding embellishments, new sleeves, collars, or just cutting it all apart and starting fresh! Bring a garment you want to spruce up or reinvent, and any sewing supplies you may have- material, scissors, pins, measuring tape, etc. Project M Boutique (414) 469-6464 Project M features handmade fashion from over 20 Milwaukee and Midwest fashion designers. We are located at Center and Fratney in Riverwest. 

Stitch & Bitch Open Craft Hour
4pm to 5pm (Cream City Collectives)

Riverwest Superheroes United!
Meets at the Pink House at 6pm, Walk Starts at 7pm
Get your spandex ready!  Join Tea Krulos, author of the upcoming book about real-life superheroes, “Heroes in the Night”, a few of his real-life superhero friends, and about a gazillion Milwaukee community members in their own homemade super-disguises! Help us confront violence and bullying against women and queer people in a way that is positive and playful. We’ll be taking a superhero solidarity stroll through the Riverwest neighborhood, starting at the Pink House and ending at the CCC for our... 

Girls To The Front Closing Party
8:30 to 9:30pm (Cream City Collectives)
This is it, kiddos, the last hurrah.  So, before we run back out into the wide, cold world, let's all gather together in one place for one last big group hug and fortify ourselves with our collective girl and queer positive energy.  Isn't nice to know so many amazing people have your back?  We think so, too.

The following activities will be happening throughout the whole weekend, so stop by these awesome events. -♥! 

The Ask A Feminist Conversation Booth
The feminist is IN!  We will be setting up the Ask A Feminist booth outside various event locations as a way of inviting people from the larger Milwaukee community to meet Real, Live Feminists of all kinds.  Our goal in this is to engage in real and positive conversations with many different people, both those that are already engaged in feminist dialogue, and those that may be unfamiliar to progressive ideas about gender. If you're interested in settin' in the booth for an hour or two, please sign up on our volunteer form, and indicate that you'd like to work at the Ask a Feminist booth.

Girls to the Front Instant Zine Work Shop

(Cream City Collectives)
We've got all the scotch tape and xeroxes you need to build your own page to contribute to our Girls to the Front 2010 Yearbook.  We are making our own zine this weekend, together! YES!  Take a break, hang out, draw something, write something, whatevs.  After the whole she-bang is over, we'll collect the pages into a zine and have copies available for everyone to pick up in a convenient Riverwest location sometime in November.