Monday, October 18, 2010


Felicitations friends!

Today is Monday, which means we are DOWN TO THE WIRE!!!, planning-wise, and incredibly awesomely, we still have folks asking if we have room for more rad events.  Hopefully, we will squeeze in just as much  amazing riot energy as we can!!

We still have plenty of room for volunteers, so if you're into it, now is the time to sign your ass UP!

For all those that are participating or would like to participate, we are having one GREAT BIG FINAL PLEASE-COME-IF-YOU-CAN-MAKE-IT MEETING!!!  The meeting will be on THURSDAY, at 6:30pm at THE PINK HOUSE STUDIO (on the corner of Booth and Wright Streets in Riverwest).  This is the last big meeting THE DAY BEFORE everything goes down, so we really want to get all of your fierce, lovely faces all in one place one time before the starter gun goes off so that we can all be fierce and lovely together in the most together-est way we can muster. 

Now is the time to show MKE (and, dare I say it, THE WORLD?!) what a bunch of dedicated positive thinking go-getters like us can accomplish with no time, no budget and a whole lot of heart.

So, what's up Milwaukee?  Let DO this shit.

See you there!

Yours in solidarity- Lauryl

(*All caps.  Just my little way of saying "HELL YES!")

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