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Meeting Notes from 9-21

Here again for your edification and delectation are Julie's beautiful notes from the last Girls to the Front planning sesh.  Before I present them, i am sending out a heads-up that the next meet-up will be this week THURSDAY!!  instead of Tuesday.   We don't have a location set up yet, but I'll post it as soon as I am able.

This is because a lot of peeps have run into me or emailed me or Facebooked me to say that they are interested in helping out, but cannot make Tuesdays.  Also, a bunch of the regular Tuesday folks have said they can't do Tuesday this week.  (Maybe that's just cuz they're exhausted from going to meetings every week, and that's okay, too.)

Groovy.  Onto the notes...


Sorry, this took a bit longer to create than I had planned so it’s a bit late. :) I love you guys, great work on Tuesday!

In Attendance: Lindsay, Julie, Brandy, Monica, Heather, Alex, Milo, Felicia, Erin, Alden, Alex, Susan
New to the group are Alex and Heather. They came to talk about a Riot Grrl Cover Band         night at the CCC.

DJ’s Set:
It sounds like we’re going to do a DJ set after the show at the YNOT 3 on Friday night. Included will be Brandy, Alex (I didn’t know if confirmed), and a possible DJ from Madison that Milo knows

Pink House:
It sounds like they are willing to let us use the space pretty liberally for the weekend as long as we have plans to let them know logistics. Am i right on this?

Confirmed Space and Confirmed Event:
CCC for Saturday night Riot Grrl Cover Band show perhaps along the lines of “Ghosts of Riot Grrls Past.” Heather mentioned being a part of something like this in Philadelphia and it was a great time. She mentioned that they have 2 bands that are willing to play but were looking for a few more. Also, a thought... BYO talent and play with instruments at the show. Get the word out! Heather also mentioned the possibility of asking bands (already confirmed with their own music?) to learn a song or two and play them. A cool challenge for a band!
Contact for the Riot Grrl Cover Band night is Heather: email: or Phone: 215.239.1001

Susan Million:
Thank you. Thank you .Thank you for your hard work this past week. And! Bringing us some visuals and more information on what you were thinking for the acts. It sounds like Susan has some really diverse and varied acts on deck. Here are the ones listed in the packet and on what night she was thinking:

The Cathy Santonies- Friday night - Band from Chicago
Heidi Barton Stink - Friday night - Trans-Radical-Queer M.C from Minneapolis
The Barettes - Either Friday or Saturday - Band from MKE
The Addy Janes - Saturday Night - two piece band from MKE
The Locals - Saturday Night - Band from Chicago
The Ovens - Saturday Night - Band from Chicago
Julie Schurr - Saturday Night - Acoustic singer/songwriter from St. Louis
Hana Malhas - Saturday Night - “border less indie folk from an arab american” from Michigan
Brianna Lane - Saturday Night - singer/songwriter from Minneapolis
Julie Loyd - Saturday Night - “Wiggly indie-folk” from Chicago
    Julie is also interested in doing a workshop
Best Friends Forever - Option! - Band from Minneapolis

-Plug them in where you see fit on the schedule on the wikipage.

A conversation with Felicia on her vegan/raw workshop event:
-would prefer a space with running water and electricity but is not needed, we talked about using the CCC as they have hosted Pancake Breakfasts in the past in the space.
-is concerned about getting the groceries for the event. They cost money and would like to know, if she’s going to use fresh (not donated), that she will be reimbursed for the expense.
-talk of food donations came from Lindsay, both Alex’s, Mary Catherine -from O-post.
-She will create a sort of menu and number of people and will get back to us with more info.
-do we coordinate her workshop with the pot-luck or not?

Space and Planned Events:
YNOT 3 - Friday night Bands and DJ sets
Hotch A Do - Is this confirmed show space or do we need to still talk to them and if so, is it for Friday or Saturday?
CCC - Riot Grrl Cover Band Show on Saturday Night and craft/media/cooking workshop space on Saturday
Stonefly - Sunday night Miltown Kings drag show at 8
Pink House - Reading on Friday night and then workshops on Saturday afternoon
Quaker House - We have decided not to use the space based on funding ($100 for 3 or 4 hours and then a $150 deposit)

Funds, Marketing, and Planning:
-do we create a pay pal acct or use one from a member of the planning committee to use as a fund raising tool? Lindsay volunteered but questions whether it’s ok with everyone.
-Milo created two versions of the poster to show us, thank you! They look fantastic!
-we took pics with the chucks for more marketing
-what are costs? This is a huge question that is still unanswered
-we think it reasonable to pay for a workshop if you are using resources
-an organization or sponsor? - next year is more feasible
-tips at workshop that could be used as a fund for next year?
-non-profit status?
-as a way to circumvent the process of non-profit status a suggestion was made that we funnel funds through A Broader Vocabulary b/c of their status and ability to accept funding and donations - if we do this, who do we approach? Evelyn?
- Who do we approach then for funding
    Brandy mentioned three orgs or businesses: Cream City Foundation, Wisconsin Gazette, and Lesbian Alliance
-More marketing ideas
    -Radio Milwaukee
    -MSE - Will throw some promotion/press our way. (Evelyn & Lindsay are doing an interview the week of the 19th.)
    - Press Releases! Lindsay and Brandy have made this.  Brandy will be listed as promotions contact person.
    -Riverwest Currents - Erin has us on the monthly events calendar.  Nice.

A Proposal from the Secretary (ha!)
In an effort to streamline this planing process - b/c we have less than one month -
I propose committees with their own deadlines that will oversee these various facets of the and print, music, workshops, space, communication...? How do we feel about this?) Here is a link to where I posted a rough outline of what that might look like. PLEASE let me know what you think and if this is too much for us and we don’t want that bureaucracy or if it helps, or what your concerns are with this proposal.

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  1. Hey Ladies and gentlemen and gender queers,
    You guys seem like you have planned a ton! That's so awesome. I'm sorry I haven't been available to help with more planning. I've had a lot family stuff going on.

    I have been trying to come up with a film event. As you guys know the LGBT film festival is going on that weekend. I would like to try and do a small discussion/screening of 3 women filmmakers that influenced me, Naomi Uman, Jennifer Reeves and Sadie Benning. Benning used to be in the band Le Tigre, and since there is a Le Tigre documentary playing at the festival I thought i might be a great to have folks come to my event and then go see the Le Tigre Documentary. I would just need someone involved with campus to possibly check out a room in the union near the theater with a screen for me to project stuff on. Chris and Milo have video projector I can use. I would also just need a vcr if anyone has access to that.

    I've talked to Jennifer Murray from the LGBT resource center. She is interested in helping me get the room, but wants more info, and just wants to make sure it wouldn't detract too much from the festival since they are co-sponsoring that too.

    Let me known any thoughts and ideas. Please email me at or on facebook and I'll try to check this more often.



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