Monday, September 20, 2010


We liked hangin' at the YNOT 3 sooo much last week that we've decided to do it again.  They were really nice and gave us use of their spacious upstairs space, which was like being in a really cozy lodge in Northern Wisconsin somewheres.  Also, there was beer.  And Newman-O's.  That is because I am a lady of honour, and I keep my word.

If you'd care to join us for beer and conversation in a cozy loft, then come on over to the YNOT 3 (which is located right behind Beans & Barley, just off the corner of Oakland and North Avenues) on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st @ 6:30pm!

I will endeavor to bring something tasty once again, because I firmly believe in the healing power of snacks.

Foote-Note:  We seem to have developed into a rhythm of Tuesday evening meetings, and I think that we will probably end up keeping this schedule.  BUT!  I know that there are some wonderful folks out there who want to be involved who can't make Tuesdays work for them.  If you are one of those people, please email usWe want you involved (!), and we are willing to set up smaller meet-ups on other days for those who want them.  Plus, as we move further along, we may have people meeting on additional days to work out details for specific functions (eg; we just had a design meeting on Sunday for those of us who are creating the promotional materials.)  If there is a specific thing you'd like to help with, tell us that too, and we'll try to get you in the swim.  LOVE!

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