Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meeting Notes from 9-14


In Attendance:
Brandy, Lindsay, Kathy, Susan, Julie, Chris, Milo, Mary Catherine, Sarah, Alex, Isabella, Elisa, Alden, Monica, Erin

We met at the Y-Not 3.

Space Updates:

Y-Not 3 - Confirmed space for bands. The have been gracious enough to offer space for bands to play. They offered the space free of charge. Thank you again to the Y-Not and Brandy for spearheading this campaign. Nick is the contact.
Mention was made of the following concerning this space:
- use the space for a band however more speakers will need to be brought in.
-buy a keg and charge for cups - mention was made that if we go this route it must be legit and planned
-have someone collect money at the door for the event
-all ages shows are an option
-not accessible by wheelchair - Lindsay mentioned asking a friend of hers for input on this issue

Stonefly - Lindsay has a call out to them but no news

Jackpot Gallery - possible use would be to show local artwork, mention was made to having a 2 or 3 artists that would commit to showing work instead of an open call. We haven’t heard from them yet either however Mary Catherine offered to call Martha to see about space.

Milwaukee Public Market
The Quaker Meeting House - for their culinary possibilities.
-Felicia Wild is interested in doing a culinary demo. Vegan in nature, preferably in a main event spot for workshops. She has committed to doing the event. She is requesting some financial help to offset the cost of the groceries.
-Mention was made in planning about a possible Sunday AM dance party (family friendly) and maybe a potluck

Makeal’s space on 5th and National - large space she is offering for use, a band space?
-is this too far away?
-mention was made that it would be nice to get her/her work in on the festival and this would be a way to do it
-space is available Oct. 1st
-founding member of the Parachute Project

Art Bar - Band space in Riverwest. No contact has been made but I think Susan mentioned this as an option.

Hotch-a-do - Cafe and Restaurant on the East Side mentioned for band space by Susan. She has worked with them in the past.
-They have equipment and usually will feed artists who perform there

Boswell Books - Mary Catherine contacted them and it looks like they are booked for another event on Friday night so we’re still looking for a place to host the main book event.

Tool Shed - no, they are booked that weekend.

Local Gymnasium or public street/parking lot - Brew City Bruisers Event ...exhibition match

We continue to throw our net wide as far as space goes. Discussion ensued about keeping the events centrally located in Riverwest and East Side. No decisions were made about ruling out farther away venues. The goal: to make transportation from event to event without a car feasible.

List of Confirmed spaces:
Pink House, Cream City Collectives, Y-Not 3

Other Announcements and Topics of Discussion:

Our collective assets: This is what I jotted down when people were going around the room talking about why they’re involved and how they see themselves helping with the event.

Susan - new to the group and a veteran to the Milwaukee women’s music scene. She has been organizing and hosting mainly female singer-songwriters in her house, then in a local cafe. Many contacts with musicians and venues in town. Interested in helping facilitate the organizing of music events in some capacity.

Erin - mentioned a background in communication and a desire to help in the planning/logistics side of the schedule and workshop lists. She has set up our wikigroups page and we should utilize it. Here is a link to the wikispaces page. You will need to join and then request admittance into the group. I know Lindsay and Erin mentioned the login and password (yes, for the second time I missed it....sorry ladies) so you can administer changes like accepting requests to join the group, you have to use the one they said. So! Use it! Thanks again Erin for setting this up for us.
P.S- I just looked (and you should too!) and she has set up a fantastic working schedule page complete with optional times and dates and places. Wahooo!!! Go Erin! Here is the link.

Mary Catherine - Interested in doing a “Play in...a pinch” event with Julie. She has offered contacting the Brew City Bruisers for an event.

Milo - Contacted Makeshift (sp?) a Madison based magazine to be part of the zine showcase event. Milo has also lead some really good conversations concerning publicity/design/print/logo....etc. Lindsay, Rachel, and Alex were other folks mentioned/spoke to the importance of these items.

Kathy - new to the group. Film and Video experience. Interested in helping out. (Sorry Kathy, I may have missed a few things, so edit as you see fit.)

Ongoing Topics:

Publicity and Advertising:
This isn’t my strong suit when it comes to communicating/listing these topics, so please edit where you see fit.
-Lindsay mentioned that Rachel Alves (and Alex?) would be interested in helping out with a logo, she is willing to help with/collaborate.
-Milo is interested in print, how many prints/posters. What is the visual grounding for the event? He is thinking around 50 posters and 500 color prints (is this right...see it’s not my strong suit.)
-Sarah threw out the idea of making a screen and then getting goodwill-like t-shirts and printing on them.
-Do we want merchandise? Pins and Buttons were mentioned.
-Also, how will this be paid for?
    -donation box on the blog?

“Ask a Feminist Booth”  (Think Lucy from the Peanuts!  "The Feminist is: IN")
- a mobile “booth” featuring anyone interested in “staffing” it for the event. Schedule Shifts? Open it up to festival goers?
-design similar to the charlie brown booth?  (Think Lucy from the Peanuts!  "The Feminist is: IN")- M. Catherine & Lindsay

How can we cross-market with the LGBT Film Festival -
-Bike ride event featuring the Pedal Pushers. From undecided GTTF event to the 11pm show “Le Tigre On Tour” on Saturday at UWM Union Theatre.
-There is also a 3pm show at UWM Union Theatre called “Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Musical Performance.” Can we arrange an event around that?

How do we create funding and/or charge for shows and events? These ideas were put out:
-pay for just the event you’re going to
-pay sliding scale for event
-volunteer opportunities in exchange for admission to events

Audio/ Visual Needs - it looks like we have Alden on board to help out, he may be able to get folks to help him out that already know A/V. We will need to set up simultaneous events and will need more than Alden. Alex is willing to help out Alden where needed.
-mention was made to maybe having an event to address the lack of AV knowledge (skills share event?) Is anyone interested in doing this or know anyone else who might be able to help out in this area?

A Central Meeting Space or Bulletin Board for Announcements and Changes
-I see that Erin put down the Pink House on the schedule

DIY Tatoo Workshop
-Mikaela or Gigi? Lindsay mentioned making contact with them.

UWM Dance Party
-can we contact the UWM Women’s and LGBT Center or any other group and see if they would pair with us for an event like this?

Riverwest Film and Video
-Ask if Xav would be interested in displaying films by local women during the festival?
-Sadie Benning was mentioned
-Tall Lady Pictures was mentioned
-Lindsay is adding these local women film/video artists after the fact:  Chaza Show Choir by Theresa Columbus, Kimberly Miller, Sarah Buccheri

Community Meal(s)
-feed the bands (at least!)
-an opportunity to share/volunteer by bringing a dish
-space? Quaker Meeting House was mentioned as a possibility and also Riverwest Co-op

Guest Book
-so we can get contacts for future events

Next Meeting
Scheduled for 6:30pm on 9/21. Location TBA.

***UPDATE FROM EVELYN, posted by Lauryl:   Looks like we are a go to use Stonefly for a Sunday evening event with the Miltown Kings.  This show would have to be 21+, though, both due to the space and to the burlesque.

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