Sunday, September 12, 2010

Next Meeting!

Is set for Tuesday, September 14th at 6:30pm.  We're still trying to pin down a location, but we will post it here as soon as we know.  In the meantime, we wanted to give all y'all a chance to clear your busy schedules so's ye kin stop by and say "Howdy" to us all.

Love, rockets, and other sources of combustion- GTTF


We've decided to meet up at the YNOT 3, right off North Ave. (behind Beans & Barley).   YNOT 3 is a bar, and I'm not sure if anyone under 21 is coming to the meeting, but the way I figure it, if we have folks who show up that can't get in, we can always hop across the street to Hotch-A-Do.   Cool?  Cool.

posted by: Lauryl Sulfate

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