Friday, September 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes from 8-7. Par-tay!

As promised, here are our minutes from the last meeting, as recorded by the lovely and talented JV:


Girls to the Front Planning Session
*Bear with me, I tried my best to record what I could, edit where you see fit/ if you remember something and I missed it.

Alex, Natasha, Lauryl, Isabella, Monica, Julie, Milo, Chris, Mary Catherine, Sarah, Aldin, Erin, Angie, Brandy

Items Discussed:

Friday the 22nd there will be an event involving guest writer Sarah Marcus and her new book about Riot Grrrl history.

Reasons for and goals for having the event:
One reason was that Sarah was touring with her book
Goals include bringing Milwaukee’s queer and feminist community together in one place at one time through the lens of Riot Grrl. There are pockets of people doing really creative things but this would be a chance to bring everyone together.

Main Sponsors:
-Broader Vocabulary

This is something of a larger discussion. With the little time we have, and with little resources, what are the best places for events to take place?
-Pink House - confirmed space
-Cream City Collectives - confirmed space
-public spaces
-all over town or just in the Riverwest area?

-music (duh!) Whomever knows/wants to play can play
-kids space-mention was made to have allies and non-trad care takers give moms a chance to participate in events as they watch the kids
-art gallery, portraits
-healing space
-sexual violence workshop
-mention was made to what should and should not be a part of the events
-Do It Yourself Tattoos
-Miltown Kings Events
-Pedal Pusher event
-gaming/er workshop
-Welfare Warriors
-Riot Grrrl 101
-female spoken word
-zine making/showcase event
-faces of feminism ("Ask a Feminist" booth in public spaces)
-DJ event with Brandy?

Schedule and communication:
-google calender? Isabella?
-who has final say in booking and scheduling? - lauryl and evelyn are more technical backbone so if you’re interested in organizing an event, talk to them for logistics
-Julie - I will volunteer to continue the minute making/recording process as well as facilitating communications just let me know what ideas you have
-Next meeting will be on Tuesday Sept 14th. at 6:30pm as was tonight’s meeting. 

Lauryl's Update:

-Isabella contacted the Pink House (corner of Booth & Wright in Riverwest) for a potential meeting space, but they are booked on Tuesday nights.  Can anyone think of another good space?  OR, should we reschedule meeting for Thursday, when Pink House will be available?  What says the gallery?  Comments, please!

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